Teaching Philosophy

Hello fellow singers! I teach vocal lessons in Los Angeles. My goal is to help you refine your own unique instrument and help you to express a story and art through the voice!

I grew up taking piano lessons and singing in my church and school choir. I always had a love for all classical music and soon enough fell in love with opera! I began taking classical voice lessons at the age of 15 and soon realized that my heart and soul belonged to opera and had to continue my studies a lot more in depth.

I went to UCLA where I received a Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis in Opera Performance. Throughout the years spent at UCLA, I not only continued to sing with choral groups, but also performed in every opera. Once I graduated, I have continued to perform in operas, but have also grown my love for teaching.

Singing must be easy and freeing. I believe in finding each student's natural voice by achieving it with clear vowels, constant flow of breath, and utilizing the body to support the sound. I use my classical technique to teach a strong foundation for all styles of music.